Bed Sheets

Bedsheets are our daily using fabric which must spread on the bed, to keep it clean and to give a beautiful appearance to the room. These days customers prefer chic style bedsheets to give a modern look in their bedrooms. However traditional bedsheets are also considered equally among them.

Why should you choose Payal handicrafts to buy Bedsheets online?

We churn out the best bed sheets from our production plant, it is the business nature of Payal Handicrafts, the manufacturers of designer bed sheets, embroidered bed sheets, silk bed sheets, Jaipuri bedsheets, and many more. While producing bed sheets for your room, we put the input of numerous designs to get desired output. From printed bedsheets to handicraft bedsheets, customers will get multiple options at our store. We desire to offer the best nothing less. A variety of fabrics, designs, colors are available in our stock. The most amazing feature about our bedsheets is they don’t shrink; they stay to their dedicated size even after multiple washes. All queen size, king size, double bed size, single bed sizes are in availability.


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