Velvet Bed Sheet

Velvet bedsheet gives you the feeling of royalty. During the winter times, it is a perfect thing to spread on your bed. Throughout the night, an individual will stay warm within the drapes of velvet. Often, it becomes a gem within your room with those classy colors and décor pieces.

Why should you choose Payal handicrafts to buy velvet bedding sets and bed sheets online?

As a velvet bedsheet manufacturer, we produce pure velvet bedding sets for the customer, in which there is no polyester or other fabric. It is our best selling product in the winter season, as people love to embrace themselves in a warm bed. Apart from warmness, the bed will stay cozy and soft throughout the night. We assured you will have a beautiful sleep on velvet bedsheets. Prices of our velvet bedsheets are reasonable as compared to other sellers. Moreover, we have different sets of velvet bedsheets that come with pillow covers and some have blankets within the sets.

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